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Local Cafe in the heart of downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania

 About our space


Our Name

Café One Eight is located at 18 West Orange Street, hence the One Eight.

We have also adopted the verse in Acts 1:8

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth”.

Based on our faith in Jesus Christ and a love for what He has called us to, we strive to make Café One Eight a place where everyone feels welcome and receive a touch of the love we have been given.

Cafe One Eight - downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Our Values

Cafe One Eight-Cafe One Eight-0128.jpg




The heart behind our business.

Cafe One Eight-Cafe One Eight-0118.jpg




In the food we create and the relationships we build.

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Making a difference locally.


Meet Our Family

Cafe One Eight - downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Kathleen Smucker

COO & Co-owner

Team Mentor & Advisor

I am Kath the creative and heart behind Café One Eight. I’m always dreaming up the next project, new menu item, or some crazy idea for the future. Business was never my plan, all I wanted to do was serve and love people & make good food.

What you find Kath doing: Being a stay at home mom, meeting with my team (they are the real MVP’s), cooking, baking, or just finding new recipes (you mean not everyone does that?)

Favorite Drink: Cappuccino

Favorite Menu Item: Shakshuka


Matt Smucker

CFO & Owner

King of Google, Tech, & Maintenance

Matt is the brains behind all things tech, organizing, and systems at Café One Eight and anything he lays his hands on. Matt is the cautious guy, never jumping into anything to quickly and being sure all the kinks are worked out before diving into anything.

What you can find Matt doing: Fixing & maintaining our equipment, keeping finances 100% in check, researching everything, giving the kids “bull rides”

Favorite Drink: Cold Brew

Favorite Menu Item: Veggie Burger

Cafe One Eight - downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Cafe One Eight - downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Cianna & Zander

The sweetest kiddos of Café One Eight. They make life so much more enjoyable and some days we wonder what we did before we had kiddos. Cianna is convinced she will soon be a barista and Zander is winning people over with his smile and sweet “hi” all-day every-day.

Favorite drink: 

Cianna- Hot Chocolate with whipped cream

Zander- Natalie’s Freshly Squeezed Oj 

Favorite Past Time: 

Cianna- Creating cards or notes for all her friends 

Zander- Throwing football


The Team

Café One Eight would be nothing without the fantastic team that carry out the daily tasks at our Café.


The Team

Cafe One Eight   |   Downtown Lancaster Pennsylvania Coffee Shop and Brunch

The team

Our Café Manager Stacie, Kitchen Manager Maddie, Lead Bar Manager Jill, Assistant Lead Bar Manager Bella, & Leader of Baking Alex are some of the best leaders in the industry. Constantly creating and improving what we are offering & serving our guests with excellence. Having a team that works so well together and cares so deeply about our guests and creating a healthy environment for the entire team is something we are so grateful for.